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Trinamul exults, Left hopes for ‘usual reverse’

KOLKATA, 11 MAY: Even as the exit polls aired on the news channels indicated a clean sweep by the Trinamul Congress, the CPI-M candidates feel that the exit polls were a sign of their victory as the actual results are always opposite to what the exit poll predicts.
While the Trinamul Congress candidates have already started celebrating their imminent victory as projected in the exit polls, the undeterred CPI-M ministers said that exit polls are undemocratic and if at all such surveys are aired, they can hardly influence the results.
“Exit poll korechhe, bhalo korechhe. 13 May’r por bujhte parbe (it’s good they have conducted the exit poll. The results would be clear only after 13 May),” said the veteran CPI-M leader, Mr Abdul Rezzak Mollah, the candidate from Canning East, in his sarcastic tone.
Mr Debesh Das, state IT minister and CPI-M candidate from Entally, said: “Furti korchhi, raatey bhalo kore ghumachhi. Exit poll dekhe to bojhai jachhe amra jitbo (I am enjoying life, sleeping peacefully at night. Exit polls indicate our victory).” On being reminded that it was the Trinamul Congress that the exit polls favour, Mr Das said: “Whatever is shown in the exit polls, the opposite happens in reality. So, we are confident that we will win now.”
While Mr Kanti Ganguly, CPI-M candidate from Raidighi, disconnected the line after saying “no comments”, Mr Anadi Sahoo, CPI-M candidate from Beliaghata, iterated the Marxist principles, democracy and role of banks in a socialist country. Terming the process of such exit polls unscientific, Mr Das said: “There are 1, 62,000 voters in my constituency. How can a sample size of only 400 voters indicate who will win?” With paid news syndrome doing the rounds from the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, it cannot be said that the exit polls were not influenced, he pointed out. “Miss Mamata Banerjee, the railway minister, has given enough money to the media and it is being used against us,” he added. Mr Fuad Halim chose not to say much. “It’s the Election Commission’s views we subscribe to that exit polls are undemocratic and not at all a healthy practice.”
Mr Palash Das, the first-time CPI-M candidate from Bidhannagar, said: “These exit polls, whose predictions are based on a sample size of 50, have nothing to do with reality.”
However, Mr Madan Mitra, the Trinamul Congress candidate from Kamarhati, seemed to first endorse the exit polls and then dismiss them saying that we would prefer to go by his party assessment.
“I am confident as a party candidate that my party will win 225 seats. It may go up to 240,” he said. Mr Sultan Singh, the Trinamul candidate from Bally, iterated Mr Mitra’s point saying he would not like to opine on the exit polls since they are inconclusive. The agency inclined to TMC is speaking in their favour and the one for CPI-M is rooting for the Left, he said.
Chiranjeet, Trinamul candidate from Barasat, said: “The exit polls are in line with our predictions. After results are declared we may have a get-together at Barasat stadium with singers and members of the film fraternity.” Mr Bratya Basu, Trinamul candidate from Dumdum constituency, said emphatically: “Trinamul will win and Mamata will be the next CM.”

Soma Basu

Soma Basu

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