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Strange meetings

In a conference for women entrepreneurs held recently, a considerable crowd of businesswomen had gathered.

Since the programme was named on a social problem and aimed to find a business solution for it, a large number of other members of the society also went to attend it. The mixed crowd had some mainly businesswomen, students, social workers and other who went there for individual interest.

Since, a very high profile personality had agreed to grace the occasion, many gathered at the last moment. The available seats were not enough for all and most of the people who reached even 10 minutes before the event had to keeping standing to the speakers.

An elderly lady standing beside the colleague was visibly uncomfortable with the situation. Her eagerness had brought her to the event but her age was making it difficult to stand for the endless speech.

After about another 15 minutes, a man was seen getting extra chairs. The elderly woman heaved a sigh of relieve and rested picked up her heavy jute bag once again to be seated on the chair the kind man was getting. But, just as the chairs were kept, some women, perhaps in their early 30s, jostled to sit on them. The women, evident from their looks, were either relatives of the organizers or somebody whom the public relation officer there would have wanted to give extra attention.

The women shamelessly took their seats as the elderly woman let her heavy bag slip once again to the floor in disappointment. What worse, after another three-four minutes they looked disapprovingly at the elderly lady standing very close to them, covered their nose and whispered something. As the speakers went through their rhetoric on sustainability, the women chatted on about shades of nail polish and boutiques.

Soma Basu

Soma Basu

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