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Pujas focus on global warming

KOLKATA, 8 OCT: Climate change has not only become a global concern but has also become a fad for the puja committees in the city as several of them have chosen it as their theme this year.
The committees have either chosen climate change and global warming or afforestation and pollution as their theme to raise awareness.
The theme of the puja organised by the 41 Pally, near MG Road, is Brikkhodevata. The pandal, which will resemble a giant tree, will have a ‘shashti tala’ with dolls hanging from the branches of the oak tree.
Mr Sudip Samaddar, member of the puja committee, said: “In ancient times, we used to worship trees. So we want people to understand that they should think twice before cutting a tree.”
The tree will have a 40-ft high hollow space allowing for a structural design of various life forms to uphold the importance of a tree in bio-diversity. The designs would be of flora and fauna of various kinds. All the structures would be made of clay. The pandal will exhibit various handicrafts of the artists from a remote village of East Midnapore.
The puja organised by the Green Mall in association with the Brahmakumaris stands out for its novelty. The puja, near Bakrahat Road in South 24 Parganas, will have ‘live Durgas’. A member of the organising committee, Mr Ambarjit Sen, said their pandal will not have any idol. Women and girls, dressed as the deity, will be worshiped. Global Warming has been portrayed as the demon that Durga will kill with the help of alternative sources of power like solar and wind energy.
“Thus, there will be no immersion this year. Also, we are using organic products to decorate the pandal,” said Mr Sen.
The theme of the puja organised by the Kailash Bose Street Sarbojonin Durgotsab, is ‘one tree, one life’. The pandal is a representation of a tree with its roots depicting various life forms.
Kasba Uttarpara Arabinda Sporting Club has chosen “Swargaloke Mahamaya, Martyaloke Basundhara”. They have tried to show how important caring for the earth is for human beings. “We have made the dais closer to the earth to show the importance of soil,” said Mr Anjan Chakraborty, organiser of the puja committee.
Another prominent puja organiser to have taken up environment as a part of their theme is Suruchi Sangha who aims to spread the message of water conservation.

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