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Lunatic’s dance

At the dead of the night, apprehending trouble a colleague and other journalists from different media houses assembled near a city hospital where the junior doctors had gone on strike. The journalists were waiting near the gate, as they were not allowed to go inside where the trouble was brewing. A considerably large contingent of police was also deployed. All that could be seen was relatives of the patients admitted in the hospital trickling out in twos and threes. The colleague went to talk to them. They were narrating their harassment and how the junior doctors had told them to leave the hospital premises. Just opposite the gate of the hospital, a patient from the districts was also waiting. With urine bag in one of her hands and another held by her brother, the elderly lady was narrating how she had to wait for hours before being visited by a doctor. The journalists were diligently taking notes. All of a sudden, there were screams heard from the other end of the road. A mob of 200 people, including junior doctors, was rallying towards the main gate. When they approached nearer, it was seen that almost all of them had lathis in their hand. They shouted slogans. The cameramen and the journalists started walking towards them to hear what they had to say. When the doctors were just a few meters away from the group of journalists, somebody shouted “beat the media people up.” The journalists were then chased and beaten up. Almost all the cameras were either snatched away from them or broken. When they the mob retreated, the journalists assembled again at the other end of the road and waited the police to come to their rescue.
Shuddering after what had happened, they were even scared to collect their belonging that were scattered on the road and everybody was wondering what to do next. And as they all waited with bated breath, a lunatic danced on the road. She turned and found that the elderly lady with the urine-bag had also run for her life.
Panting, she sat near one of the shops.
The police came and asked strange questions. The lunatic danced on. A senior police officer arrived and the media men narrated the incident. The lunatic danced on. The woman on the stairs rested her head on her brother’s shoulders before fainting. And the lunatic danced on.

Soma Basu

Soma Basu

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