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Kolkata Metro Caught Lying: Defends Mob Attack On Facebook, Calls The Post Fake

In response to the backlash received after they defended assault on a couple on April 30, the Kolkata Metro authorities posted another comment on their Facebook page today claiming that the screenshots circulating on the social media are fake.

The comment posted at 3 pm on May 2 on the Facebook page reads: “Dear commuters, there is a fake post circulating in the social media claiming that Metro Railway supports the passengers who allegedly thrashed the couple. The fact is that Metro Railway, Kolkata, strongly condemns the unfortunate incident and is against moral policing.”

Reporter Amita Ghose was the first to write how Kolkata Metro was abetted the attack, on the Metro premises, by not taking any effort to stop it and later defended the assault by posting a comment on May 2 midnight.

While fake news and photoshopped images are quite common on social media, a close look at the timeline and the comment section of the page proves that Kolkata metro did write a comment defending the assault on the couple and also gave out a threat that “similar incident will happen if younger generation does not get themselves rectified”.

Let’s take a look at how Kolkata Metro’s claim about the the contended post being fake is fake.

1) Time: 12:58 am, 685 Likes

2) Time: 1:12 am, Imran Ali and 684 other likes. The comment is followed by Dipankar Mondal’s comment.

3) Time: 1:27 am, Manodeep Mukherjee and 685 likes.

4) Time: 12:59 am, comment followed by Soumyabrata Mukhopadhyay’s comment

5) Time: 1:01 am – Comment followed by Dr Rituraj Bhowmik’s comment.

6) Time: 1:14 am, comment followed by Moumita Maity’s comment

7) Time: 1:02 am, comment followed by Sampurna’s comment. Sampurna’s surname is hidden by new comment notification.

8) Time 12:58 am, comment followed by Sourojit Das and Ayon Gharami

The screenshots taken from various cellphones (also note the battery status on each screenshot) and a large number of people, who also testify to the comment being posted by Kolkata Metro, around 12:55am and deleted by 1:15am, not just proves how Metro officials are lying but also how they may not have stopped the attack deliberately.

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