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Guv calls for unity among climate experts

KOLKATA, 20 NOV.: Stressing on the importance of sticking to the consensus on climate change, Governor Mr MK Narayanan, today said that a wide rift exists between those who are formulating the policies and those who believe in propaganda. He called for unity between climate skeptics and other climate experts so that a common goal could be set and achieved.
The Governor was addressing a seminar ~ Low Carbon High Ambition ~ organised by the British Deputy High Commission and the Young FICCI Ladies Organisation at the British Deputy High Commissioner’s residence today.
Mr Narayanan said that a low carbon plan has already been prepared by the ministry and would come out in the next five-year plan.
“During the Copenhagen meet, everybody’s concern was what sacrifices India and China can make. Nobody was ready to pay the bill. The notion that India and China are the major emitters is flawed. The problem was common but with differentiated responsibilities,” he said.
The term carbon credit is a misguided concept and is often offered by the developed countries to escape the burden of responsibly imposed on them during the Bali Climate Change Summit. He also said that that the discussions at the Copenhagen meet were clouded and it was mainly rhetoric. Academicians came out with different idea, but who are going to implement them and how it would be done was not decided.
He said that the country has consistently made clear that any agreement on Climate Change would have to be through equitable burden sharing. But, the developed countries were not ready to make any sacrifice. “Twelve months have passed and nothing had happened on the lines of what was decided. At least India has low emission goals and it is progressing with own funds without anybody else’s aid,” he added.
A mission statement by the Young FICCI Ladies Organisation ~ Our Green Mission ~ was launched by the Governor. The mission sets out a plan of action for the organisation to follow in the coming years to work towards a low carbon society.
While short climate change films supported by UK Environment Film Fellowships were screened at the event, a theater unit ~ Bangla Natak ~ staged a street theatre on climate friendly lifestyle.

Soma Basu

Soma Basu

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