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Extortionists change colour after ‘parivartan’

KOLKATA, 29 AUG: The woes of South Dum Dum residents who had voted for the Trinamul Congress in the last Assembly election hoping for a respite from extortionists and CPI-M musclemen, remain as the goons have now switched over their allegiance to the Trinamul and continue to threaten locals.
Last night at 11.30 pm, three dreaded goons ~ Deeg, Suman and Rana ~ of the area prowled the alleys in Karbala Road area in South Dum Dum Municipality’s ward no 27 looking for a place to gamble. They spotted a club where youths in their late teens were playing carom. They walked up to the group and asked the youths to leave the area. When the youths refused, the goons broke the carom board and started beaten them up till the local residents rushed to rescue them.
When a crowd gathered in support of the youths, Deeg, Suman and Rana fired bullets in the air and threw a country-made bomb near the mob and tried to flee from the spot. However, Suman was caught by the locals and beaten up. Being outnumbered, Deeg called another goon called Deva from Shyamnagar and three of them came back to threaten the locals residents. By then the size of the enraged mob had grown and they were on their way to Rana’s house.
A clash ensued, local residents damaged Rana and Deeg’s motorcycle and were about to set Rana’s house on fire when police personnel from Dum Dum police station arrived. While all the goons fled the scene, already battered Suman was arrested.
Mr Joydeep Raha, a resident of the area, said that these goons earlier used to work for the CPI-M during elections. They have several criminal charges against them. They run an extortion racket in the area and collect tola from various businessmen in whole Dum Dum area.
After the elections, they switched sides and started working for the Trinamul Congress. They have been seen in several Trinamul programmes, said another resident of the area, Mr Bikash Mondal. We could not bear their torture anymore when they started beating our son and other innocent youths of the area, he added.
Mrs Anjana Rakhshit, chairperson of the South Dum Dum Municipality, said: “The goons are in no way related to Trinamul. They are CPI-M men who are now using the Trinamul’s name to carry on their activities and to defame the party.”

Soma Basu

Soma Basu

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