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‘Durga Mamata’ slaying the demon is Puja theme

KOLKATA, 15 MAY: Miss Mamata Banerjee is set to be the theme for Durga idols this puja season. Patuapara, which is also known as an extension of Miss Mamata Banerjee’s courtyard, may roll out Durga idols with the face of the chief minister-in-waiting slaying the demon.
The artisans and idol-makers in Patuapara, elated over the monumental victory of the leader who rose to be the chief minister from the girl-next-door, said that though they are not much into theme idols, this season they would certainly keep idols with Mamata motif ready for spot sale.
“We make idols according to the demands of the customers. If the customers ask for an idol with Mamata theme we would have to make it. But this season, we will keep some of the idols with Mamata motif ready as there could be a demand for them,” said Mr Arup Pal, an artisan in Patuapara who rolls our 30 Durga idols and about 120 Kali idols each season.
Another idol maker, Babla Pal, said he would make such idol even if customers do not place advance orders for them. “The way she has beaten the tortuous CPI-M, the idol I make would be a tribute to her courage and perseverance. Moreover, a lot of small-scale pujas organisers come to take idols at the last moment. If such a theme idol is ready, there would be no problem selling it,” he added.
Meanwhile, the secretary of the Kumartuli Mritshilpa Samity, Mr Babu Pal, said the change in the government would certainly benefit the idol makers. “The Leftists were atheists but with the new government the number of pujas organised in the city may increase. This would certainly benefit us,” he said on a lighter note.
He said that the artisans expect that this season there would be a high demand for Durga idols with Miss Mamata Banerjee’s face. Trinamul leaders such as Mr Subrata Mukherjee and Mr Arup Biswas are known to organise the grand pujas of Ekdalia and Suruchi Sangha.

Soma Basu

Soma Basu

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