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Dog’s love

A colleague’s love for dogs is immeasurable. He repeatedly confesses of dreaming about dogs. Golden Retriever, Alsatian and Labrador mainly feature in his dogland dreams. The quizzes he takes on the social networking site, Facebook, are like “what kind of dog were you in your previous life?” and “Which dog suits you the most”. One fine day he said he wants to have a Great Dane. Great Danes are normally very big in size. His friends threatened him that if he gets one they will never visit his house.
Watching dog videos and pictures on Internet is his favourite pastime. While he was looking lovingly at a picture of Great Dane that reached up to the shoulder of a man, one of his friends said that its not a dog, it’s a calf. He secretly started collecting money to buy one. He even stopped smoking and drinking alcohol to save money. But his younger sister who had been keeping a track of his activities and to whom he had confessed his wish told his father what he was up to. His father was already fed up of his son’s love for animals as his house resembled almost a zoo and stank of animals. He told him sternly that if another dog comes home, the colleague would have to look for another house for himself. Betrayed by his sister, he did not talk to his family members for several days. When last heard of, he has settled for a goldfish.

With love to Dianjan da,
Soma Basu

Soma Basu

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