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Disillusioned ‘Robinhood’

KOLKATA, 26 AUG: Maoist leader Arnab Dam alias Bikram, currently in CID custody, secretly wished to write a book on his life and learning.
Apart from the arms and ammunitions, 20 scribbled pages were found in his possession when he was arrested from Purulia on 17 July.
The pages (copies of some of them are with The Statesman) show his flair for writing and are about his life as a recluse in the jungle. He often reasoned out his actions and course of life and jotted down his thoughts on paper.
In one of the pages, dated 16 May 2007, Bikram wrote: “Even though the symbiosis of reliance on fate and materialism causes enough loss, they are perfectly in sync with each other. Since, the flow of materialistic society is predestined, the future is predictable. However, our knowledge about the material world is incomplete and so we fail to know what we are headed to.”
He further writes, society may be simple and predictable but each member of the society represents a complex structure.
Throughout his philosophical writings, Bikram speaks of his life as predestined and hints at his disillusionment with the CPI-Maoist. According to sources, Bikram, during his interrogation shortly after his arrest, was repeatedly uttering “Robin Hood” during his interrogation. He had said that he wanted to have a life like Robin Hood but was disillusioned shortly after joining the party. However, it was too late to return and he stayed with his party members.
Sources also said that during interrogation, Bikram expressed desire to have paper and pen during custody. He also hinted on publishing his writings so that people know about the life he led to the officers interrogating him.
Bikram, son of a retired judge, dropped out of IIT-Kharagpur in 2006 to join the Maoist. He was the member of the Bengal Jharkhand Regional Committee and the State Committee of CPI-Maoists. He was also a member of the PDSF, a student union of a Naxalite faction of the Second Central Committee. He later joined the left wing ultras when the PDSF merged with CPI-Maoists. He is allegedly responsible for a series of killings and attacks, including that of a CID inspector in Purulia district.

Soma Basu


Soma Basu

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