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Brutal inheritance

Garasagma, a small village in Purulia, seems to be frozen in time since 1871. The difference between primitive tribal Sabars and predominantly land-owning Mahatos is stark ~ symptomatic of a stubborn adherence to feudal ways even as the rest of the country has moved on after Independence, writes soma basu

Resident evil

Despite the pretence of its ‘prized’ location, Bhuda village in Purulia continues to be held hostage by a toxic stream and an administration that has thrown its hands up in despair, writes soma basu

Smoking Buddha’s ghost haunts Mamata’s Writers’

Mr Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, who blatantly defied Tobacco Control Act, 2003, may have left Writers’ Buildings but the trail of smoke still encircles the corridors of power with the present government's utter lack of initiative to implement the Act.

Political enmity makes HIV field workers face pay cut

NGOs that were working with the erstwhile Left Front regime have alleged that the Trinamul dispensation's attitude is "forcing" many from the sexual minority associated with them to return to prostitution.

In search of peace, they chose penury

Tired of living in terror, about 300 people fled their homes in villages in Jammu and Kashmir near the border with Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, and chose penury to live in peace near the Dakshineswar Kali Temple on the outskirts of Kolkata.

Water report says little, hides a lot

Even when the coliform count in the Ganga is 500 times more than the permissible limit, a Central Water Commission (CWC) report calls the river clean, raising a clamour that the report says little and hides a lot.
The report ~ Water Quality Hot-spots in Rivers of India ~ by the CWC was released in New Delhi by the Union water resources minister, Mr Pawan Kumar Bansal, to provide the water quality scenario of our rivers.