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After change, the art class wants good governance from Mamata

KOLKATA, 13 MAY: Most of the celebrities and members of the intelligentsia welcomed the change as the Trinamul Congress swept the state Assembly election dismantling the 34-year-old Left Front regime.
Writer Taslima Nasreen today heaped praise for Mamata Banerjee and posted sarcastic tweets on the dismal performance of the Left Front and asked how the CM could lose when he threw her out of the state “to get Muslim votes”.
“How come Buddhadeb Bhattacharya (Bhattacharjee) is losing! He threw me out of West Bengal to get Muslim-votes! Ah, still a nightmare! (sic),” Nasreen tweeted.
Hopeful of returning to Bengal she said: “Hope Mamata Bandopadhaya (Banerjee) will not prevent me from entering Bengal. I’m not a factor in election. The CPM’s defeat has proved it (sic)”.
Mr Rudraprasad Sengupta, theatre personality said that he expects not change in government, but change in governance. The outgoing chief minister, Mr Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, had promised them that he will set up a Centre of Excellence, at Minerva Theatre, but he failed to do so. Thus, he expects that the new government will look after the matter. He expects that the Left Front must play a catalytic role instead of being competitive. The new government should look after the health and education sector as these sectors have been neglected by the LF government for years.
Vocalist of the Bengali band Chandrabindoo, Upal, said that changes are always welcome. He said: “It is healthy for a democracy if a government changes every five years. It becomes a motivating factor for political parties to work better. It was surprising that the change did not come about in the past 34 years. We should always give a chance to the new government. Let’s see how it works.”
Painter Ganesh Haloi iterated what Upal said, adding that in a democracy a person staying in power for decades is harmful. “Change should always come no matter which party or which political leader it is,” he added.
Mr Buddhadeb Guha, author, said that he has lots of expectations from the new government and hopes that the new government implements its manifesto. Dancer Sudarshan Chakravorty said that though he would not say whether the LF had become complacent but ruling for decades certainly brings complacency. He said that now when there has been a change in government and common people have given their verdict, the situation in the state would improve. “I am hopeful that the change would be positive. And, not only the Opposition but the common people should also cooperate with her as she has a huge task ahead of her,” he said adding that after all she embodies a common man with no political dynasty to support. Theatre personality, Usha Ganguli, said that by the number of votes secured by Miss Mamata Banerjee, it is evident that people did want a change. “Being a member of the cultural front, we want peace more than anything else,” she said.
Author Shirshendu Mukherjee, however, said that Miss Banerjee is a dreamer and he is hopeful that she will live up to the expectations of the common people. “Much needs to be done to improve the health services,” he added. The LF must learn from its mistakes.
Magician PC Sorcar Junior said that whether the government changes or not, the basic and the everyday problems will always be there. Whichever government comes, it should work for the common man, he added. Mr Tarun Majumder, eminent film director, said that he expects that the new government will stress more on better governance. Mrs Arpita Ghosh, whose play Poshu Khamar faced a ban, termed the win as the victory of democracy.

Soma Basu

Soma Basu

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